8 Small Capital Trading Strategies, To Make Big Profits

8 Small Capital Trading Strategies, To Make Big Profits - Not always investing large capital trading is the best step to get big profits. With a small capital, you also have the potential to be successful in the trading world.

8 Small Capital Trading Strategies, To Make Big Profits

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As long as you use the right small capital trading strategy, everything can be realized. The reason is, not a few people who start investing with minimal capital have now become extraordinary success.

Based on an independent survey conducted by a number of parties, investment success is not only due to capital. But there are many other supporting things that make this success happen. So, make a good strategy to start trading with minimal capital. Need a reference? Check the following explanation.

8 Small Capital Trading Strategies to Try

The following eight strategies, you can use if you really want to start trading. What needs to be prepared is time and focused mind to implement the following strategies.

Smaller Time Frames

The time frame or the time chosen to observe the movement of currency exchange rates greatly affects the trades made. So, when your capital is small, you should choose a small time frame, for example a period of one hour or four hours.

That way you have enough time to observe the buying and selling prices, then determine whether at the end of the time frame to stay without selling the currency you have or other more appropriate decisions.

It is highly recommended, do not choose a very small time frame, namely a matter of minutes. Because it will only make your trading analysis inaccurate and there is not enough time to take appropriate action.

Micro Trading Lot

Micro lots are indeed very favorite among traders, not only because of the price but also because of several other factors.

We recommend that you choose a small trading lot size such as micro, which is usually only the size of 1,000 units of a currency. You will also be more comfortable playing forex with this small lot, because you will not be haunted by the possibility of large losses.

Low Fee Broker

You need to choose a reliable broker, but one that provides low fees for deposits and other admin fees. So, it can be adjusted to the capital you have. However, you still have to be careful when choosing a broker not to be fooled even if the amount is small.

In standard conditions, the minimum deposit provided by the broker is $500. There is also a $100 option, with certain conditions. Then you can choose to deposit $100 as long as the conditions are reasonable and can be met.
Don't forget to ensure the facilities, swap-free features, commission-free, and lot options that provide cent, micro, or nano categories.

Trading Volume and Leverage

Choosing the right volume and leverage for small investors will avoid them from the possibility of big losses. Moreover, forex fluctuations are very high all the time, which will certainly have an impact on your decisions regarding these two things.

So, make sure to choose the trading volume that matches the capital you have, as well as the leverage that can be used. For example, when you have a capital of Rp. 1 million then use leverage with 1:100 position and micro lot volume with 0.01 position for each trading position.

Capital Protection Becomes Priority

An equally important strategy is to prioritize the protection of the invested capital rather than the priority to get big profits. The reason is that small investors have a limited scope of trading. Just make a wrong decision the loss is very fatal.

However, if you use www.dnapro.id with the Forex Robot Autopilot product, this protection will be maximized. You will be given information on a permanent basis about the conditions of the trades carried out, of course, the security of capital is also more guaranteed.

Check Ratio of Risk

Make sure to have a small risk ratio scale, for example 1:2. as a result, when there is a decrease in currency prices, the impact will not be too significant on the trades you make. Moreover, the movement of currency prices can not be predicted optimally.

If you make a large risk ratio, then when you lose, it will have a big impact on the amount of capital that has been disbursed.

Make Clear Notes

You also need to make detailed notes about the trades made, so it can be easier to check what has been done. Including minimizing mistakes when trading on the next opportunity.

This note will also help you focus more on trading investments, discipline in managing capital and profits. Then it creates a sense of confidence to be successful as a trader with small capital.

Trading System

For those who have small capital, it is better to take advantage of a high Win Rate system of at least 60 percent. The point is to minimize losses, when you maneuver on capital that has been used.

No need to be pessimistic anymore even if your trading capital is limited. By implementing a small capital trading strategy as above, you are one step ahead of becoming a successful trader in the future.